March 2015

Update website
Since March the website is updated with the new section Portfolio and content in English

February 2015

Recovery plan
New project about a Recovery Plan into a urban area of Avigliana. The project is an important insertion for the landscape that now we can perceive and the consolidated urban context, into the historical center of the city with a great environmental value.

March 2014

Detailed plan of public initiative – Area Cb 28 in Avigliana (Turin)
On 17/03/2014, the town council of Avigliana, with Resolution no. 49, adopted the preliminary draft of the Detailed plan of public initiative of the Cb 28 area, which includes 28 new buildings for residential and commercial, the arrangement of public areas (green, square and parking) and the construction of a new public road.

December 2013

Article about the project of the detailed plan of public initiative of the Cb 28 area in Via Benetti – Avigliana (Turin), published on Avigliana Notizie – 2013 anno IX n.1 dicembre, a news magazine of the municipality. For more information

16th November 2013 – h. 10:00

A.G.I.RE. convention
"A.G.I.RE. per una concreta semplificazione” convention into the Industrial Union in via Manfredo Fanti, 17 in Turin. For more information:

11th – 13th October 2013

Operae – Indipendent design festival – Cantieri OGR / Turin
Operae is a festival dedicates to the indipendent design, where it is possible to discover the Italian and international designers, to buy some limited editions of produtcs, to take part of the workshops, to listen about contemporary design.

10th June 2013

Foundation of the A.G.I.R.E. Association
Joined to the professionals of the fields, we founded the A.G.I.R.E. Association in Turin with the aim to advance the protection of the title and the professional practice of the Architects, Agronomists, Geologists, Surveyors and Engineers and to improve every efforts that develop and value that jobs in Italy. By now we attend in Piedmont and Liguria.
The Association’s purposes are the defense and the development of the professional image and the expert’s role, to support the professional job and to improve the project quality, searching the dialog and the discussion with the exponents of the Regional, Provincial and Council Institutions to the common interest.
The proposals that will be enforced will search the engagement of different subjects as Professional Orders and the other association entities, following the roles and the mutual partnership. For more informations:

29th May 2013

Winner with a Professional Temporary Association (with arch. Franco Ferrero, Geol. Luca Arione and arch. Paolo Rizzuto) of the tender for the detailed plan of public initiative of the Cb 28 area in via Benetti - Avigliana (TO).